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Compassion-Based Pricing Levels

All services provided by Mindfully FIERCE, PLLC, are private pay. I do NOT take insurance.

In hopes of making care and services as accessible as possible, I offer the Compassion-Based Tiered Pricing structure. The Pricing Tiers are:

Community Cares Rate: This is the discounted rate for the service.

Sustainer Rate: This rate is the actual cost of service, and it pays for you. This is for those who are living a financially-secure life but have little expendable income. While this service may be a sacrifice, it does not create a financial hardship.

Compassionate Supporter Rate

Please choose the Compassion-Based rate that best matches the rate your financial situations supports:

Community Access Rate (discounted): $70

Sustainer Rate (pays for you): $100

Compassionate Supporter Rate (supports others as well as yourself): $130

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