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Fridays @ 5pm, Sept 9 - 30, 2022
A Step to Health, Hillsborough, NC
Release & Embrace Series

Start your weekend with serenity

This 4-week series is an opportunity for women to come together and support each other in a trusting, affirming community as we compassionately release that which is not serving us and embrace that which makes us shine with peace and joy.


During each session, we open with community-building and insight-oriented activities that begin the process of compassionately releasing thoughts and feelings associated with struggles we are currently facing or grappling with. Then, we move into a yoga sequence to nurture our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirit with self-love and movement.

Individual Services

Mindfully FIERCE is for those whose light within is obscured by stress, hardships, chaos, or fear. Your inner light is naturally caring, peaceful, and connected, but in present-day life it can feel nearly impossible to access, for so many reasons. You know that when your inner light shines, you FEEL happier and more connected to others, and you ACT with more patience, humility, and kindness. If you are here because you are seeking to reconnect, or to STAY connected with this light within, then you are exactly where you need to be.

Collective Offerings

At Mindfully FIERCE, we believe we all need community to keep our light shining, yet we are more isolated and lonelier than ever. We offer class series, workshops, and retreats where we gather as an affirming, supportive community and nourish compassionate engagement from the inside-out. Compassionate engagement is purposeful, caring, and compassionate action to prevent and alleviate distress and suffering - for ourselves, our friends, families, neighbors, clients, strangers, opponents, and even for those whom we will never meet.

Compassion in Education

Mindfully FIERCE works with schools and districts to integrate mindfulness, compassion, and social-emotional learning into the daily lives of students and educators. Rachel has worked in and with schools for a span of 20 years to prevent and alleviate

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