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Image by Saad Chaudhry

A Practice to Show Up

Wanting to SHOW UP in an intentional way and actually doing it is like saying you are just going to watch one episode of your favorite binge-worthy show and then actually turning off the television after that one episode. So much easier said than done! 


Join me and an affirming, supportive community as we set our intention to SHOW UP the way we mean to and then DO it! I have turned the acronym SHOW UP into a mindfulness and self-compassion practice that you can do in 30 seconds. You will have the opportunity to put it into practice as you set your intention to SHOW UP on the mat for a 60-minute yoga practice. This practice will be gentle and accessible for all who SHOW UP. 


It will help me and you out if you let me know ahead of time of anything that is going on with your body, mind, or spirit that would help me to make the practice as accessible to you as possible, so please include this when you register or send me an email at


Can't wait to see you at an upcoming class! Dates & Times TBD

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