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Hi! I'm Rachel, and I am on a mission to spread compassion from the inside-out.

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About Rachel

Rachel has been a professional Social Worker for 18 years and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in North Carolina for 12 years. Since childhood, she has been working to alleviate suffering, stop injustice, nurture belonging, and spread compassion. Her social work roots took hold when she was a child and involved in community service projects with family and friends. From a young age, she was deeply bothered by the discrepancy in living conditions and access to resources and opportunities that were afforded to some and not others. Early steps in her social work training to address these inequities centered around work in schools and with Latin American immigrant communities in the Triangle region of North Carolina. Her clinical work began as a bilingual home-based Family Support Worker providing intensive, short- and long-term support to pregnant women and mothers with children ages 0-5. She transitioned to school-based social work in 2008. Over the course of 18 years, she has served diverse populations of children and families, schools, and communities as a School Social Worker, School-Based Mental Health Clinician, Parent Advocate, Mentor-Advocate, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Intervention specialist, SEL Program & Curriculum Developer and Consultant, and Police Department Crisis Counselor. 

Rachel is engaged in a lifelong commitment to working, personally and professionally, to create a more compassionate world. She believes in personal and collective responsibility for alleviating suffering in the world. She believes that feeling a sense of belonging and loving connection to others is critical for personal and collective wellbeing. And she believes that this work starts within.

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“Rachel's smile lights up the day, her joy radiates, her realness creates waves of compassion and humor especially when you need it most. Her fierce heart is kind and loving, wrapping you up in sweet hugs."

- Alyson Baumgartner

Going inward requires vulnerability, trust, and patience.

I would be honored to walk alongside you on this journey.

Rachel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has walked alongside people experiencing profound transitions and loss as well as hope and joy. She believes that sorrow and happiness exist on a continuum and that holding space for both is essential for living a balanced life while also recognizing how difficult and lonely it can feel to hold that space for sorrow. 

She works to help people gently, lovingly open to the struggle or suffering they are holding, so they can skillfully process their emotions. 

Her professional and personal experiences moving compassionately and patiently through the muck in life have revealed deep beauty on the other side. 

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